Baba Ganush - 200 gr. by PEPE

3,59 лв.

Made from roasted and peeled Bulgarian eggplant, sesame tahini, walnuts, garlic, lemon, salt and nothing else.


Full Description

The irreplaceable Arabic cuisine brings together an explosion of flavors and aromas that every chef knows well. That is why we have long planned how to recreate our favorite BABA GANUSH in a classic version, based on tradition and relying on natural and quality products that have a full composition and taste. And so we have prepared this pleasure for the senses, which everyone should try.

Spoil your loved ones with a classic Arabic snack, the recipe of which was created centuries ago. It was born in a distant Arabian palace, where a woman's love sought the perfect taste for her beloved ruler. Discovering it, she gave it the name Baba Ganush - the pleasure of the father / sheikh /.

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