Homemade Coarsely Ground Lyutenitsa - 300 gr. by PEPE

4,60 лв.

Made from roasted and peeled Bulgarian red pepper - 75%, roasted and peeled Bulgarian eggplant - 15%, tomato puree from Bulgarian tomatoes - 10%, salt, sugar, cumin, savory, oil and nothing else


Full Description

It took us one whole year to choose the recipe of our HOMEMADE LYUTENITSA. We searched, read, asked, tasted. We focused on five traditional recipes that we prepared in the middle of autumn with the best products. And then we unanimously chose. Delicious, rich, fragrant, with a little fresh spices and lots of roasted peppers. Real homemade lyutenitsa!

It is a pleasure to spread a slice of bread with this lyutenitsa to return to childhood, where everyone remembered the true taste of homemade food. Without preservatives, stabilizers and colorants, without other harmful ingredients, our lyutenitsa is made for the table where your loved ones sit and always enjoy quality and clean food.

Natural, pure, coarsely ground Bulgarian lyutenitsa with a traditional taste familiar from our childhood. It is made from real products and spices. It is selected according to a classic recipe that our grandmothers remember and is full of mastery to give you the best of Bulgarian vegetables. It has a pleasant smoky taste of juicy roasted peppers and eggplant. Very few spices have been added for a mild aroma.

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