Homemade Spicy Snack - 200 gr. by PEPE

3,59 лв.

Made from roasted and peeled Bulgarian red pepper - 45%, tomato puree from Bulgarian tomatoes - 25%, roasted and peeled Bulgarian green pepper / variety - "Chorbadjiiski" / - 20%, roasted and peeled Bulgarian green hot pepper / variety - "Fish" / - 10 %, salt, parsley, oil, sugar, vinegar and nothing else.


Full Description

You will feel the bright and rich aroma of real seasonal Bulgarian vegetables as soon as you open a jar of homemade spicy homemade snack, and we have added to it our favorite light spicy taste, so suitable for the prevention of health and high immunity. That is why this cute jar has become a favorite addition to any complete table, bringing together taste, pleasure and health.

Just try our homemade spicy snack, made with real products and you will feel the different varieties of peppers from which it is made. It preserves the abundance of autumn for a whole year, so that we can enjoy natural, clean and healthy food with a characteristic and pleasant spicy taste.

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