Homemade Kyopoolu - 300 gr. by PEPE

5,50 лв.

Made from roasted and peeled Bulgarian eggplant - 70%, roasted and peeled Bulgarian red pepper - 15%, roasted and peeled Bulgarian green pepper - 10%, tomato puree from Bulgarian tomatoes - 5%, salt, parsley, garlic, oil and nothing else .


Full Description

Our favorite Bulgarian vegetables predominate in this classic kyopoolu recipe, which we chose to hold to the smallest detail. We invested only natural products in it, carefully selecting the producers of pure seasonal raw materials. So we created a food product with high quality and great taste.

The way of preparing each jar of kyopoolu is as close as possible to the home tradition, from which we believe that we have kept the best. Therefore, each bite is a pleasure for the palate and brings a pleasant satiety and taste. Mix a spoonful of homemade mayonnaise with kyopoolu and serve with a toasted slice of bread to enjoy the most beloved snack served at any festive table.

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