Acacia honey - 380 gr. by PEPE

10,81 лв.

Made with 100% acacia honey and nothing else.


Full Description

PEPE's acacia honey is produced in early summer, when the beautiful flowers of the acacia gardens spread their aroma. In those short weeks of flowering, bees are attracted to the rich floral nectar and their honey becomes exceptional. It is clear, light and fresh and perfectly suitable for the people we love.

What it is useful for?

Acacia honey is one of the most valuable types of honey. It does not cause allergies. With regular use it lowers high blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on mental disorders and nervous crises. Recommended for insomnia. Due to the high content of fructose, the product is easily absorbed by the body and is suitable for children and diabetics. Its processing does not require the production of the hormone insulin. The amount of minerals found in acacia honey practically corresponds to the content of minerals in human blood. In combination with its other vitamins, trace elements and organic acids, it is understandable why they call this product liquid gold. Its health benefits are innumerable.

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