Cherry, Elderberry Blossom and Honey Syrup by PEPE

11,99 лв.

Aqueous extract of black elderberry flowers (Sambucis nigra L) 60%, lemon juice, cold pressed cherries, acidity regulator: citric acid 1%. No coloring or preservatives.


Full Description

At the same time thick and light, fragrant and tender, this syrup will easily become your favorite taste of Pepe. It combines the best of real cherries, honey and white elder flowers. It smells of summer and freshness. Cherry syrup with elderberry flowers and honey made by Pepe is dissolved in a ratio of 1: 8 to get 6 liters of excellent natural syrup for the people we love. Free of preservatives, colors and flavors.

What it is useful for?

The red color of ripe cherries is associated with the color of blood in the human body and this is no accident. Cherries support the circulatory system and are rich in iron. They help a lot with anemia. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. They are rich in vitamins, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. That's why we chose them for Pepe's syrups and for the people we love.

Студено пресовани череши, сок от цвят на черен бъз, пчелен мед, захар, лимонена киселина

Енергийна ст-ст -273 кcal

Мазнини -0.02 g

Carbohydrates - 67 g.

Proteins - 0.17 g.

Сол -0.3 g

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