Ginger, Elderberry Blossom and Honey Syrup by PEPE

11,99 лв.

Aqueous extract of black elderberry flowers (Sambucis nigra L) 60%, lemon juice, cold pressed ginger, acidity regulator: citric acid 1%. No coloring or preservatives.


Full Description

Pepe's golden syrup. Our irresistible ginger-honey elixir with elderberry flowers, which we created for every home and every table. Whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer, you can't go wrong with this product. Cold pressed and highly recommended. Hydrating, immunostimulating and satisfying all the senses. Ginger syrup with elderberry flowers and honey made by Pepe is dissolved in a ratio of 1: 8 to get 6 liters of excellent natural syrup for the people we love. Free of preservatives, colors and flavors.

What it is useful for?

Ginger relieves the symptoms of colds and flu, clears blood vessels and congestion in the chest and nose, breaks down and removes mucus. Along with this, ginger also acts on fats, preventing them from being deposited in the arteries. Used in everyday life improves the immune system and heart function. That is why we recommend it to the people we love.

Студено пресован джинджифил, сок от цвят на черен бъз, пчелен мед, захар, лимонена киселина

Енергийна ст-ст -273 кcal

Мазнини -0.02 g

Carbohydrates - 67 g.

Proteins - 0.17 g.

Сол -0.3 g

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