Forest Fruit, Elderberry Blossom and Honey Syrup by PEPE

11,99 лв.

Cold pressed blueberry 10%, wild strawberry 10%, wild raspberry 10%, wild apples 10%, mulberries 10%, acacia 10%, elderberry 10%, cherry 10%, sour cherries 10%, quinces 10%, honey, lemon juice , sugar, citric acid 1%. No coloring or preservatives.


Full Description

This syrup offers an abundance of aromas and flavors gathered in a glass that will bring you complete pleasure. Fruity, tasty, sweet and extremely useful for the body of adolescents who need daily hydration and optimal doses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Elderberry-colored berry syrup with honey Pepe is dissolved in a ratio of 1: 8 to get 6 liters of excellent natural syrup for the people we love. Free of preservatives, colors and flavors.

What it is useful for?

Forest fruit combine perfectly when you need to create a syrup with a concentrated beneficial effect. They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that perfectly complement the immune system and strengthen it. Dissolved in a syrup of flowers of white elderberry, they become a useful drink that children prefer. Replace the standard sweetened juices with a natural syrup, made according to a traditional home recipe, and you will see for yourself that it is a pleasure to offer it to the people we love.

Студено пресовани боровинки,горски ягоди, горски малини, диви ябълки, черници, акация, бъз, череша, вишни, дюли, пчелен мед, захар, лимонена киселина

Енергийна ст-ст -274 кcal

Мазнини -0.02 g

Въглехидрати – 68 g

Белтъци – 0.2 g

Сол – 0.26 g

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