Hazelnut Tahini - 300 g. by PEPE

12,14 лв.

Made from freshly roasted, crispy and fragrant hazelnuts. 100% ground hazelnuts and nothing else.


Full Description

If there is a queen of the tahini, it would be the hazelnut queen. This extremely appetizing, fragrant, flavorful hazelnut is able to turn hazelnut tahini into food for absolutely everyone. Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, hazelnut tahini is not just delicious, it is useful, healthy and even a must for active people. Its composition complements every cell of the heart, brain and bones with the necessary trace elements. And most importantly: protects against stress and aging. That is why people who love tahini are healthy, active and young. That's why we created the PEPE hazelnut tahini for the people we love.

What it is useful for?

Hazelnut tahini is a real treasure for our diet. Contains plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also has a high percentage of unsaturated fats, which helps regulate cholesterol and is a prevention against cardiovascular disease. Contains manganese, which supports brain function, folic acid, which is needed during pregnancy. Vitamin C, which helps fight viruses. Hazelnut tahini is often used for fighting joint pain, chronic fatigue, and bronchitis. Suitable food for active sports people and those who follow a diet. And last but not least, the combination of hazelnut tahini with honey is a tasty and useful substitute for chocolate.

Ground hazelnut. May contain traces of sesame and sunflower.

Energy value - 621 kcal

Fats - 62 gr.

- of which saturated fat acids - 7 gr

Carbohydrates - 17 gr.

- of which, sugars - 4 g.

Proteins - 15 gr.

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