About Us

Who We are

We are one of those families who choose to believe that it is possible to eat clean products, to do business in an honest way, to create a future for your children in Bulgaria. That is why we created the PEPE brand with the ambition to produce clean food that is easily accessible. In 2007 our family made their first plantations with organic hazelnuts. One thing was for sure, the wait for the first harvest will be long. After 5 years we had the pleasure to try the first nuts. There is no tastier hazelnut, believe me! The difference is cosmic.

Over time, our whole family began to eat more and more consciously. This attraction to healthy eating grew into the idea of the PEPE brand. It combines the best natural products in a quality range without preservatives, dyes, enhancers, GMOs and other harmful things. Only what nature gives us!

Why We do it

Because food is passion, pleasure and health.
Because we have the right to eat healthy.
Because our children deserve the best.

We believe that beauty on the outside begins with health on the inside. That is why, what we serve at the table every day, is extremely important. It was difficult and time consuming at first. Gradually it became a pleasure to discover the real tastes. And we realized that this was the best decision we had ever made. Clean, healthy and tasty food - this is our choice for the people we love.